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*Know the strengths and
gaps on your team
*See your team in real time
*Tools for Talent Selection &
Team Placement

The Connexus Process














Imagine Your Company Led by a Dream Team

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Developing the Leader Inside You

We exist to provide culture-shaping services by bringing innovative thinking, clarity, and value to our unique clients.
  • We walk alongside your executive
    and leadership teams to identify the vision, clarity, and momentum for your organization.

  • What if your team worked seamlessly and each member fit in the right spot? Would you like to lead that kind of company? We can help

  • Invite Dr. Rodney Agan to speak at your next event. Topics like: How to Balance Life and Work or Secrets to Overcoming Frustration Gaps

“Leadership is not a title or position, rather it is a display of personal maturity that others want in their own lives.”

Dr. Rodney Agan



Some of our unique clients


Team Imprint™





Team Imprint™ Workshop

Personality Imprint™ for each team member
Identify and fill the "Gaps" on your team
Develop a cohesive team that collaborate
See a complete picture of your team

Interactive & Fun!

3 hours onsite
Exercises to build your team
Competencies, strengths, & blinds spots
For any size team

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7 Step Culture-Shaping Business Plan

Personal and Team Development
Shaping the Culture of your Organizational
Employee Retention & Productivity

On-site or by Phone/Video

Coaching Your Leadership Team through the 7 Step Culture-Shaping Business Plan.
Tailored for your organization!

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1,000's of Leaders
Over 12 Countries
Many States
Companies Changed
Teams Trained
1 Simple Process

Monthly Personal Coaching Sessions!

Results-oriented & Goals-driven
An opportunity to change your future!

Guidance | Support | Unified Vision | Clarity | Effective Culture and DNA

Executive Coaching








The Best Keep Getting Better

Are you stuck?
Are you plateaued?
Who is helping you?
How is your work/life balance?

Professional Assessments & Experience

We assess your competencies, motivational behaviors, and strengths
Identify "stress triggers"
Have you had a 360 Assessment?

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Focus, Clarity, Movement

Focus on who and what matters
Gain clarity about your passion
See consistent movement as you begin to lead yourself well

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Let us help move your story forward

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We offer executive  coaching for individuals. You might also do a self-assessment called Personality Imprint™.
We have clients ranging from 2,900 employees to start-up organizations with just 1.
We know that most organizations are stuck, plateaued, or in decline because of their culture. We help you create the values that align with your vision where employees all work for a common goal.
Yes. We love to speak at events where we can add value. Feel free to check out our speaking page for more information.
We are based in Atlanta, GA and will meet on-site when feasible. We do have the option to meet on a monthly basis via phone or video. We also offer Virtual Group Coaching:
1- CLICK HERE for Corporate, Entrepreneurs, Start-ups
2- CLICK HERE for Church or Non-profits
We like to tailor to the needs of the client. As a general rule though, we contract for a 12 month relationship.


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