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As my business has grown rapidly over the last few years so has the need for better developed leaders. The tools and consulting provided by Dr. Rodney Agan with Connexus Group have helped navigate difficult conversations and bonded my team with great synergy.
David Daniels​
Chick-fil-A Multiple Unit Owner
Carrollton, GA
I am the CEO for Universal Alloy Corporation, a multi-national manufacturing company with over $300 million in sales revenue annually worldwide. I first met Dr. Agan in 2013 in my first year in this role as CEO. I shared with Rodney my own personal and management staff leadership development needs and concerns. Rodney and I prescribe to the same organizational culture of servant leadership and that we encourage innovative “outside the box” thinking and actions. He has consulted me on multiple fronts including the addition of a chaplain service for our company that has benefited our associates greatly. I highly value his insight, practical advice and how he has engaged and encouraged our executive management team. I highly recommend Dr. Agan to any organization that truly desires to raise the bar on accountability to excellence and leadership development.
Chip Poth
Universal Alloy Corporation
Canton, GA
Dr. Rodney Agan with Connexus Group has been my leadership coach for 3 years. It was with his help that I was able to take my business to the next level. As I prepared to go from operating one store to becoming the leader of an organization, he provided new tools and mindset to develop my leaders and frame the organizational structure for maximum results.
Todd Kalish
Chick-fil-A Multiple Unit Owner
Columbus, GA
Marketplace Chaplains has the unique opportunity to connect ministry-minded leaders with growing corporations. We believe, “Our work is caring. Our care is working.” Currently, Marketplace Chaplains has a staff of more than 2,700 that supports over 800 companies in 23 different industries. We partnered with Dr. Agan to come along side our organization in the area of leadership development. He is skilled at leading teams to reach optimum performance. Not only has he worked with our organization, he has also served some of our corporate clients. I highly recommend him to ministry and business leaders alike.
Shane Satterfield
Executive Vice President Divisions Operations
Marketplace Chaplains
I brought Dr. Agan onboard over two years ago as my Executive Coach and to initiate a new leadership development process with my team. The result has been remarkable and my business has seen a more than positive return on the investment. I am a better leader and my team is now engaged and passionate about taking our store to new levels.
LauraLee Nix
Chick-fil-A Owner
Lithia Springs, GA
Dr. Agan is a leader among leaders. His unique approach to helping managers and executives become better by learning more about themselves, their team, and how they can optimize each team member's strength to maximize performance and drive results. We all know that we should invest in the development of our people, Rodney has made that easy and effective with his platform, I recommend Dr. Agan to anyone who desires to grow personally and help develop their team members.
Craig Worland
Chief Development Officer
Southern Primary Care Partners
Rodney is thought-leader who puts forth innovative solutions for his clients. I had the pleasure of using one of his cloud-based SaaS solutions designed to cut through noise and accurately place people in work positions aligned to their strengths. I highly recommend him because more than just his ability to innovate, he carries himself with the utmost integrity!
Dallas Holland
Founder / Grandeur Media
Dr. Rodney Agan always conducted business in a friendly and professional manner. All my dealing with Dr. Rodney have been positive and constructive.
Tommy Holland
City Engineer,
Carrollton, GA
Dr. Rodney Again spoke at our non-profit event on the subject of “The office where everyone wants to work, and I want to lead." His presentation was thoughtful, productive and spot on. Even in our niche community of integrative health professionals he was able to speak our “language," find common ground, and give us plenty to think about and apply to improve our business as well as the client's experience
Camille Carlson Gehrlich
Association of Natural Health
I have had the opportunity to work with Dr. Rodney Agan for many years. The various aspects of our working relationship have varied over the years, and I would highly recommend him. Very easy to work with, and very competent in his field.
Chris Taylor
Southern Company
Rodney is a gifted leader. He displays incredible public speaking skills that allow him to motivate others and create synergy. Rodney has organizational abilities that are exceptional and an innate ability to create and implement strategies for success. Rodney would be a valuable part of any team or organization.
Bill Gilmore
Executive, Coach, Consultant
Rodney is just fantastic and I love his energy! He has been working with our Engineering senior leadership team over the last two years to help us learn more about our individual leadership styles and strengths as well as to understand the strengths within our team members. In doing this he's helped us learn some tricks to better optimize our teams in order to maximize performance and drive business results. I love focusing on developing our people, but it's usually the thing that gets compromised in the struggle to balance competing priorities. Rodney's program has really helped us to find ways to keep our team's development in the forefront. I highly recommend Rodney and his program to anyone who wants their leadership team to grow and ensure their respective teams are properly developed such that the entire organization reaches it's full potential!
Melissa Diersing
Director Product Engineering / Dover Food Retail
Recently, my Division Director asked me to interview for another position in a submarket of our company– it would be a promotion, so I was very appreciative that he asked. I was unsure about it because it involves learning new skills, and others I haven’t used since college. I was seeking direction and clarity. Through Dr. Agan, I had been given information and a process that made the answer I needed stand out like a neon sign and I immediately knew I was supposed to move forward.
Philip Holder
PROMPT Coordinator
Bimbo Bakeries USA
The Dermatology Manager's Association (DMA) was honored to have Dr. Rodney Agan of the Connexus Group speak at our annual meeting in Atlanta! His presentation "Opportunities and Options" was well received by our members. They were very engaged as Rodney delivered the informative material with excitement, humor and professionalism! Many Administrators and Managers asked for additional focused leadership and coaching sessions for their offices. We look forward to having Rodney back to speak again soon! I would highly recommend the Connexus Group!
Kimberly H. Gooden CMOM, CPCD
Dermatology Managers Association
Founder and Past President
Dr. Agan is an incredible executive coach and we are proud to have him be a part of our partner program. I really enjoy talking not only leadership, management and business strategy with him but also theology and life strategy. His integrity and humility are refreshing and unmatched. I am honored to be able to call him a friend.
Burke Allen
Rodney is a great leader and passionate about his work. I enjoy recommending him to my network
Dr Nathan Baxter
Lead Self Lead Others
Executive Leadership Coach
I have worked in the financial industry for over 15 years, and much of that time as the CEO of my own company. By many standards I could say that I was successful and accomplished many dreams and goals. Sometime back, I found my personal and professional life on a “plateau”. I soon realized I needed someone to come along side me. Through his expertise, insights, and professional assessments, Dr. Agan was able to re-define and re-shape some of the processes for my company. I not only gained new clarity and vision, but my profit margin has greatly increased as a result. I recommend Connexus Group for leaders who have a desire to grow.
Rob Stewart
Integrity Financial Solutions
Rodney helped bring to light various areas my leadership team could work on not only together but also as individuals. These meetings were a great resource to get my team thinking outside the box in their respective areas throughout the restaurant. I highly recommend Rodney’s Connexus program as a means of investing in your team and challenging them to grow.
Derek Emerson
Chick-Fil-A Owner
Howland Corners, OH
Dr. Agan has proven to be a strong visionary with a passion for excellence.
Ben Roberts
Sr. Consultant
Signature Fundraising
I have known Rodney Agan for over seven years and during that time I have learned of his leadership skills and his desire to train others to achieve in their leadership potential. Rodney has the experience and knowledge to lead any small group to their fullest potential while at the same time he has the one on one skill to coach anyone to success. Without any hesitation I would recommend Rodney to those of you that are looking for that extra bit of encouragement or for someone to take your group to the point of understanding what their skills are and where they should be leading.
Gerald Johnson
The 13th Colony, Inc
Rodney was a pastor when we first met in the bush of West Africa back in 2009, but last fall he began to help our organization with fund-raising. I have found Dr. Agan to be a conscientious man of integrity with a strong desire to advance the gospel in all areas of the world. He is also a friend and trusted colleague. If you need help with your ministry (leadership coaching or just raising resources), Rodney is your guy
David Pope
Pope Consulting
I had the privilege of attending Northpoint during the time Rodney Agan was Sr. Pastor. Under his leadership, the church was thriving, growing and making a tremendous impact in the Carrollton area. I highly recommend Rodney as a pastor, speaker and leader. He served the church with compassion and exhibited strong leadership that really launched Northpoint into a new direction of growth and influence for Christ. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the church during those days.
Aaron Evans
On Impact Strategies

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