Dr. Rodney Agan


RODNEY AGAN has spent over 34 years leading growing organizations and non-profits, and has been a leader of leaders. He has been married to his wife, Paula, since 1985 and they have two grown children.

Dr. Agan holds a PhD in Communications and is the Founder/CEO of Connexus Group specializing in the disciplines of Executive Coaching, Corporate Culture-Shaping, and Leadership Development.
Dr. Agan is the President of Connexus Global, a nonprofit working to develop leaders in underserved and underdeveloped countries around the globe. They have four Initiatives:
  • Create International Hubs for Leadership and Humanitarian Efforts
  • Facilitate Women’s Leadership Empowerment opportunities
  • Initiate Business Incubators for entrepreneurs around the globe
  • Replicate global initiatives through strategic partnerships
He is a Keynote Speaker and has facilitated leadership training and coaching in many states across the US. He has also trained leaders internationally in countries including Mali & Senegal Africa, India, Brazil, Portugal, Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Viet Nam, & Cambodia. Dr. Agan is also the author of The Personality Imprint™, The Journey: A Personal Life Plan™, Career Shaping™, and Launching Forward™ an online leadership development pipeline.
He brings practical, straight-forward ideas and solutions that can help you or your organization to get off the plateau you are on so you can realize your potential.
You can read more of Dr. Agan’s Leadership Resources at his blog, HERE.
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