How to Have Your Best Year Yet!

Last Year in REVIEW ~ This Year in VIEW

This is the time each year to have a serious reflection about the past year and to gain a clear direction about the coming year. Every year I hear people say (and I have said as well)… “Whew, I’m glad that year is over. I’m ready for a new year”. But in reality, it was not the “year” that was bad; it was the circumstances, situations, and decisions that might not have been so good. Some of these things were completely out of our control. Some were simply poor choices. Others were simply because we didn’t have a plan.

We look at a year in review and give it a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down”. Often this is based on what we feel we achieved or how we failed. FACT: If you keep doing what you have always done, you will keep getting what you have always gotten. If you make no changes moving forward, what makes you think you will have different results?

Think about this: Success is not always about what you achieve, it is also about what you survive.

As you review the past year and bring the new one into view, spend time thinking through these questions.

What excites me about the future?
What did I learn over the past year?
What decision from last year would I do differently? Why? How?
What habits have I developed that are not healthy?
Have I built “guardrails” or “margins” in my life?
How can I improve on the top 3-4 priorities of my life?
Am I willing to spend the time needed to have a simple Life Plan?

There are 3 things you may want to consider on how to be sure you are successful with your personal life plan.

1- A Written PlanThis will help you be much more specific and produce better results

2- Accountability  Use a personal coach or mentor to look over the plan

3- Commitment  To review and stick to the plan

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