Companies and Organizations are looking to:

  • Improve employee engagement
  • Reduce employee turnover
  • Increase employee retention
  • Enhance profitability
  • Grow key business performance metrics
  • The answer is simple as
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Employee Engagement Platform

Career Competencies DISC Personality & Learning Styles

For Executive and Business Leaders

Take charge of your organizations success by enabling employee coaching and development

CatalystConnect makes it easy for managers and team members to focus on building key skills that align with business goals.

Features that enable your employees – and your organization – to achieve important goals

Take CatalystConnect with you wherever you go

With a mobile-first mentality, we enable your team to make updates and provide feedback on the go so no one needs to feel tied down to a computer.

Tailor coaching activities and provide detailed guidance

Diagnose areas that need improvement, assign development activities, and debrief one on one. Then provide guidance and next steps.

Get the big picture with the strategic coaching grid

Coaches can quickly toggle between employee dashboards to see progress and update feedback all in one place

Gauge outcomes based on key performance indicators

Mentors can follow progress by reviewing one or more critical metrics, including desire, productivity, and competency

Use To-Do List with recommended activities

Coaches can follow the cadence based on employee behaviors and outcomes while team members can simply select the activity to complete

Get and receive feedback for additional insight

Mentors can provide as Kudos or Guidance, and team members can view the full debrief history for their performance.

Track employee development to ensure alignment with business objectives

Create and view reports for a number of areas including development, coaching activity, and performance KPIs.

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Unlimited Access for ALL Team Members The VALUE outweighs the Cost

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