Growing in Community

Being a leader can be lonely and overwhelming at times.
Do you hear yourself saying these things?

High Performing LeaderS Mastermind groups are lead by a Connexus Professional Coach but the group consists of leaders “just like you”!

Monthly Mastermind Topics Include:

This Mastermind will focus on your personal and professional leadership style by using the Personality Imprint™ Assessment. Each month we will discuss a topic around your person assessment results and then we will focus on specific challenges and opportunities you are facing in your own business. We will leverage the collective wisdom and experience of the Mastermind to gain deeper insights and actions
Month 1: Personality Imprint™ Overview & a Business Challenge
Month 2: Learning about Career Competencies & a Business Challenge
Month 3: Understanding My Personality & a Business Challenge
Month 4: Learning about my DISC & a Business Challenge
Month 5: My Personality Imprint™ Name & a Business Challenge
Month 6: My Blended Personality & a Business Challenge
Month 7: A Deeper Look at Myself & a Business Challenge
Month 8: My Learning Style & a Business Challenge
Month 9: Gold vs Platinum Service & a Business Challenge
Month 10: Mr. Awesome Company & a Business Challenge
Month 11: Business Challenges with Break Out Rooms
Month 12: Business Challenges with Break Out Rooms


Once a group is filled it will be closed.

The next HPL Mastermind Group are launching now

*Only $150 per month for a year
(Limited Offer)

INCLUDED: All leaders will receive a
Personality Imprint™ ($79 Value) Assessments

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Day of Week: 1st Tuesday or 2nd Thursday each month
Time: Between 6:00-7:30 pm EDT. 90 minutes each month

To apply for a seat in the next group, complete the form below. You will receive an application for consideration.*