Culture-Shaping Teams

Culture - Shaping Teams

Discovery Call with a Coach

Options Available for Your Team

Onsite Workshop

A 2.5 hr on-site workshop for all leaders and team members that you would like to assess and develop for your team.
Each team member will take a Personality Imprint™ assessment individual Competency DISC Personality Type and Learning Style, as well as how they add value to the overall team.
Team exercises and involvement make it fun and exciting.
A Consultant works with your team on the 6 key aspects of establishing a healthy culture.
Working through the Culture Index™ each month with your leaders allows you to customize the systems to meet the needs of your company.
The Consultant can meet with your team onsite or through live video on a monthly basis. Defining the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for your organization helps to have a score card for success.
Consultant will lead your team through our ” 7 Step Culture-Shaping Business Plan™. It is suggested that your company completes a Team Imprint™ before beginning this process.
You will gain clarity about the strengths of your team as well as the areas that need to be strengthened.
Virtual & On-site options available.

Catalyst Connect Employee Coaching Platform

Take charge of your organizations success by enabling employee coaching and development.
Catalyst Connect makes it easier for managers and team members to focus on building key skills that align with business goals. Customize content specific to your company to measure how well each team member is achieving success.
Because it is mobile friendly you can take it wherever you go.