Video: Admin Panel Overview

To access the Admin Page, click the three cog wheels in the upper right hand corner of the navigation panel from any screen. It is on this Admin Page that you will be able to configure your system, set up your organization and users, and manage content among other things.

1. People Section: For all things related to the organizational setup, management of users, and coaching relationship. 

2. Diagnose Section: View what assessments are automatically available to you and to create your own company assessments.

3. Content Section: See what behaviors and competencies are available to your organization as well as to create your own.

4. Develop Section: Manage and add development activities for your organization.

5. Metrics Section: Set up your organization’s performance metrics and to add performance metric scores.

6. Configuration Section: Configure your system with custom Browser titles, company logos and themes, as well as define coaching frequencies for your coaches. 

7. Security Section: View a list of users and set security roles.

8. Help Section: Set up your Support Contact information for your users to see and reference.  

View additional how-to’s for in-depth information on each of these links in the Admin Help Center. You can also read up on best practices and helpful explanations in the Admin Resource Center.