FAQs: People

Account Registration

What if a user did not receive the Welcome email?

If an individual does not receive the Welcome email, have them check their spam. 

To resend the Welcome email,  select People from the Admin menu,  locate the person and select the mail icon in the Allow Login column. 

Note:  Be sure the correct email is in their People record in Coaching.

What if I forget my password? 

You can access the Login page and select Forgot your password?

 Once you enter your email and select Reset, Coaching will send a Password Reset email. In the email, click on the Reset Password button and proceed through the prompts.

Note:  Passwords are case sensitive.  

When I try to activate my account, I get a message saying, “Confirmation code is invalid or no longer active.” What do I do?

For some browser configurations, the confirmation code field gets auto-filled with incorrect information by your browser or password software. Try clearing your cache and try again, or you can manually enter the confirmation code by copying it from the URL. 


I do not see Team Members appearing on the Coaching Grid. How do I get them there?

In order for a Team Member to appear on the Grid, a Team Member needs to have: 

  1. At least one Development Activity Debrief completed with a Level of Effort score recorded 


  1. at least one performance metric score. 

If you know these requirements are met for a Team Member, check to be sure the calendar date range is within these two events happening (e.g. make sure if the last results metric was for February, the date range is set to include the month of February). The date range is located at the top-right corner of the Home Page. 

Why don’t I see any scores on my dashboard?

  • If you are a Coach, your dashboard will populate with competency, desire, and feedback information as you coach your Team Members through the Diagnose, Develop, Debrief cycle. 
  • If are a Manager, but are not directly coaching anyone, select the Reports icon to view coaching activity and scores for all who roll up to you. 
  • If you are a Team Member, your dashboard will populate with competency, desire, and feedback information as you begin completing and debriefing development activities with your coach.


What should I see in Reports?

  • Coaches see all information related to people they are coaching. 
  • Managers see all information for people who roll up to them in the management hierarchy. 
  • Team Members see all information for themselves only.
  • Admins see all people in the system.

Performance Metrics

Who can enter Performance Metrics?

Performance metrics are entered into the system by the Customer Admin.

What if multiple performance metrics for the same month are entered or uploaded for an individual?

When displaying % of goal for a given month, we will use the latest entry for that person for that metric, for the given month. (In the example below, shenderson’s Net Loyalty score of 77% would be used for April.)

Email Metric Name % of Goal  Date
Shenderson@example.com Net Loyalty 77 4/15/2019
Shenderson@example.com Revenue 101 4/15/2019
Shenderson@example.com Net Loyalty 82 4/9/2019

People Management

When I delete a person, can I see their history?

When you delete a person, the person is deactivated rather than deleted.  Therefore, the deleted person’s history will appear in reports, however, scores are no longer included on the coaches dashboard.

Coaching a Team Member

Do Team Members have to log into the system for it to work?

No, but we HIGHLY recommend they do so. Not having Team Members log in greatly reduces the benefits to the organization, especially as we continue to add features and benefits to the system.

Can a Team Member view the notes a Coach enters?  

Team Members can view any notes marked as Team Member notes. 

When I provide feedback (kudos or guidance), will my Team Member be notified?  

A Team Member will see feedback provided to them (kudos and guidance) on their dashboard when they log in to Coaching.  They will not receive an email notification.

When I assign a development activity, will my Team Member be notified?

Yes, Team Members receive an email when a Development Activity is assigned by their Coach. You do have the option to enter a message to the Team Member prior to selecting assign.

 A Coach also receives an email when their Team Member completes a Development Activity.

In Debrief, why does the Debrief button sometimes display as inactive? 

The Debrief button will appear as inactive for development activities assigned by another Coach.