How to assign a development activity

Insights is where you can see a team member’s score on behaviors and competencies, and where you can identify what area to focus on with your team member.

  1. On the My Team page, click Insight.
  2. Choose a team member, and click the Competencies tab.
  3. Click the blue arrows to expand on Competencies and reveal behaviors that make up the Competency.
  4. Identify the behavior you wish to develop the team member. Click the Develop button next to that behavior. You will be shown a list of activities that match the behavior you chose to develop.
  5. Once you find the activity you want to assign, select the Activity, and then click the Assign Activity button.
  6. Assign a Due Date that you want the team member to complete the Activity.
  7. Add a Message to the Team Member about the Activity you wish for them to see, and add an optional note for yourself and management about the assignment of the activity.
  8. Select Assign to assign the Activity to the team member.

The Team Member will receive an email notification about the activity, and they will receive a To-Do list item on their Home Page next time they log in.