How to create a custom Development Activity

  1. As a user with Coach permissions, login to CatalystConnect.
  2. Click the My Team page on the left hand side of the screen.
  3. Click Develop, and then select a team member (it does not matter which team member you select).
  4. Select the Create New button. 
  5. Select the Learning Type this activity most accurately corresponds with.
  6. Give the activity a unique name.
  7. Fill out the details of the development activity for the team member to see. Be sure to include key takeaways that the team member should get from the activity.
    • To insert a blog article or website link, copy the URL and then insert the link into the details using the Insert Link icon.
    • To insert a video from a website such as Vimeo or YouTube, copy the URL and then insert the link into the details of the activity using the Insert Link icon. You can also embed Vimeo or YouTube videos by clicking on the Video Camera icon and pasting the URL there.
  8. Fill out coaching tips, reminders, and questions the Coach should follow up with the team member on in the Coaches Tips field.
  9. Provide an estimated amount of time this activity should take to complete.
  10. Select the behavior this activity relates to.
  11. Select All Coaches to make this activity available for all coaches to assign. Select For You to make this a private activity only you and your team members can use.