How to debrief and complete a Development Activity

Debrief is where you can see which activities are assigned to a team member and debrief the activities, effectively closing the activities out.

  1. On the My Team page, click Debrief.
  2. Choose a team member, and a list of open activities will display.
  3. Click the Debrief button on the activity you wish to debrief.
  4. Review coaching tips to prepare for the debrief conversation with the team member.
  5. Select the date the debrief occurred.
  6. Rate the employee’s level of effort, or their desire, to complete the assigned activity.
  7. Add public messages to the team member and private notes to you and management around the conversation of the activity and debrief.
  8. Rate how effective you thought the activity addressed the targeted behavior.
  9. Select Submit to complete the debrief and mark the activity as complete in the system.