Indicator Lights

Often we find things out of balance in our life. They show up in unusual ways or through abnormal behaviors. Have you ever acted or reacted in a certain way and thought, “Why did I do that? That’s not me”. Those are indicators.

When things are out of balance in our lives it could be due to stress, depression, over-work, pressure, etc. When you get out of balance you will begin to do things differently, and that should be indicators of a greater problem. Maybe you allow things to frustrate you that normally do not. Possibly you become mentally “scattered” or “more forgetful” than normal. In some people, it shows up as depression or anxiety.

When indicators like this begin to appear, it is telling you something needs to happen. I would suggest you weigh out these indicators to be telling you one or two things. I want to use two key indicators from a vehicle that can be applied to you personally.

1- Check Engine Light – When the light appears on the dashboard of your car, it is an indicator that something is not right with your engine. It could be a number of things, but mainly it is making you aware that you need to act. The light is telling you to make this issue a priority. If you are driving when this happens, you may need to pull over immediately, or possibly you could drive to the next exit and then check things out. The light makes is evident that there are deeper issues to address. Maybe you need to find someone to assess your situation. Possibly you should re-evaluate your priorities. Either way, it is telling you something significant.

2- Turn Signal – This is not an indicator that something is wrong. Instead, it is telling you that a “change” is about to happen. When the signal is flashing, it even indicates the direction of the change. It not only reminds you but also notifies those around you that a “turn” or “change” is imminent. Turn signals may not actually be a bad thing, but it making you aware.

When key indicators appear in your life see what they are telling you:

  • There is a problem needing to addressed
  • There are some changes needing to be made