Leadership Longevity

In a day where commitment is hard to find, it is great to see a person who just will not quit. Most people are committed until it gets hard, and then they feel a desire to go on to other responsibilities. In past generations, people would join a company at the ground level, work their way up through the ranks, and eventually retire. Today is much different. Most people will work for a dozen different organizations in their lifetime. I recently read that millennials work at a company for an average of 3 years or less. They will not just change jobs, but change careers 3-4 times as well.

There are rewards and opportunities with longevity of leadership that you will not find by moving. Click To Tweet

There are rewards and opportunities with longevity in leadership that you will not find by moving. There are also, setbacks and detriments to consider. Note some things you should consider about the longevity of leadership.

1-Shows Stability – When people are looking to join or do business or an organization one of the first things they look at is the leadership. If the leadership is in a constant state of turnover it sends signals that there are deeper problems. People want to be part of something stable because so much of their lives are already unstable.

2-Gives Credibility – Longevity says this organization is a place I can trust. Credibility is essential. If you lose credibility, you lose everything else. Stable leadership helps people feel comfortable that the leadership has a vision and knows how to carry it out. When leaders have a few “wins” under their belt, others will join in. No one wants to be on a losing team, and no team can consistently win without credible leadership.

No one wants to be on a losing team, and no team can consistently win without credible leadership. Click To Tweet

3-Creates Durability – When the leader has proven themselves, it deflects those who are negative. They have weathered the storms and are still afloat. It says to those on the outside, “These people are for real.” Most followers will never understand the complete vision of the organization. They will follow and work to complete a vision when they believe the leader understands it and is willing to do the hard things to carry it out.

4-Demands Accountability – One of the detriments of a leader with longevity is that he can become dictatorial, and on an island to himself. One side-effect of a long-tenured leader can be stagnation and complacency. A leader will tend to do things today like he did it yesterday because it is comfortable, but it may no longer work. Everyone needs accountability. A wise leader surrounds themselves with a team of creative and honest people.

One side-effect of a long-tenured leader can be stagnation and complacency. Click To Tweet

5-Can become a Liability – This builds from the last point. If as a leader all you are doing is “buying time”, you have become a liability instead of an asset. If you don’t have the passion and vision to stay ahead of those following, you have lost control. One of the characteristics of leadership is the ability to stay ahead of the curve.

If you are a long-tenured leader, this is not to say you should step down. It is to say you may need to work a little harder to remain ahead of those you lead. The good news is that it CAN be done. The better news is more and more leaders are staying in the same position longer, and being more effective.

An organization needs more than a purpose and destination; it needs someone knowledgeable and able to take it there.

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