Giving Children (and others we lead) Someone To Follow

Children are always looking for a role model. If they see a fireman, police officer, or doctor, that is what they would like to become. By tomorrow, they may have something else on their mind. The point is, they are very impressionable and in need of the right kind of examples to follow. We are examples whether we want to be or not. We are examples whether it is a good one or not. We are examples to children, but also to adults that are watching us.

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One of the major themes I stress to those I coach and lead is, “Lead yourself well, and you can lead others well.” Leadership is not a title or position, rather it is a display of personal maturity that others want in their own lives. Being an example to children should also be a guide or template on how to be a leader to anyone.

Here are some ways we can be a good example to children (and others we lead):

1-Always be honest with them. Don’t try to hide or avoid the truth. Obviously, there are times they may not need all the information, but when we do give it to them, give them the truth. If you lie to them, they will find out, and later never trust you again.

2-Learn to say, “I was wrong.” Children are used to adults teaching them to admit wrong, but they are not used to adults themselves admitting wrong. If you do this to children they will trust you more. Followers are not used to hearing leaders admit wrong.

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3-Do not attempt to live your life through them. Remember, God made them individually, and for a purpose. Often parents want to live vicariously through their children. The things they could never do, they force on their children. Leaders sometimes expect those they lead to excel at things they themselves could never do.

4-Value their opinion. Children are honest. They have no pretense or ulterior motive. Learn to listen to them. Things they are serious about are just as big a deal as things you are serious about. True leaders share a mutual respect with those they lead.

5-Model consistency. Be the same with them day in and day out. They need to see maturity in us, or they will never know what they are to become. Children need stability and they learn that from us. When a leader models consistency especially in difficult times, it inspires others to do the same.

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Remember, if you lead yourself well you will be able to lead others well.