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High Performing Leaders
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Being a leader can be lonely and overwhelming at times.
  • Who is focusing on YOU?
  • How are YOU growing as a leader?
  • Where can you go to deal with your challenges and opportunities?
  • Build community with other leaders just like you.
Do you hear yourself saying these things?
  • "I’m so busy” Gather with other busy leaders who desire to lead with focus.
  • "I’ve always done it that way” Be challenged with fresh ideas to change.
  • "My people are a challenge” Step up your game in developing others.
  • "Finding good people is hard” Get clarity on building strong teams.
  • "I’m so isolated as a leader” Connect with other leaders in transparent community.

High Performing LeaderS Mastermind groups are lead by a Connexus Professional Coach but the group consists of leaders “just like you”!

  • Groups are capped at 12
  • Meets one time monthly "online" for 90 minutes
  • No travel or time away
  • Mastermind Groups are more economical

Monthly Mastermind Topics Include:

This Mastermind will focus on your Leadership Skills and Style by using the Birkman Signature Report. We will discuss popular articles from Harvard Business Review. Monthly we will also focus on a specific business challenge from one member of the group.  We will leverage the collective wisdom and experience of the Mastermind to gain deeper insights and actions.
  • Month 1: Connecting with Like-minded Leaders - Group Introductions & Business Challenge
  • Month 2: Birkman - Understanding Your Strengths & Business Challenge
  • Month 3: Birkman - Exploring Career Interests & Business Challenge
  • Month 4: Birkman - Leveraging Leadership Behavior Components & Business Challenge
  • Month 5: Birkman - Communicating with Others & Business Challenge
  • Month 6: Birkman -Relating to People Socially & Business Challenge
  • Month 7: Birkman -Responding to Structure and Change & Business Challenge
  • Month 8: Birkman -Making Strategic Decisions & Business Challenge
  • Month 9: Birkman -Creating your Ideal Work Environment & Business Challenge
  • Month 10: Birkman -Balancing Work and Life & Business Challenge
  • Month 11: Birkman -Anticipating Leadership Issues & Business Challenge
  • Month 12: Birkman -Exploring Leadership Growth & Business Challenge


Once a group is filled it will be closed.

The next HPL Mastermind Group launching soon

*Only $250 per month for a year

INCLUDED: All leaders will receive Birkman® ($495 Value) and
Personality Imprint™ ($79 Value) Assessments

90 Minute Meeting Monthly

To apply for a seat in the next group, complete the form below. You will receive an application for consideration.*