High Performing Leaders
Mastermind Groups

Being a leader can be lonely and overwhelming at times.
  • Who is focusing on YOU?
  • How are YOU growing as a leader?
  • Where can you go to deal with your challenges and opportunities?
  • Build community with other leaders just like you.
Do you hear yourself saying these things?
  • "I’m so busy” Gather with other busy leaders who desire to lead with focus.
  • "I’ve always done it that way” Be challenged with fresh ideas to change.
  • "My people are a challenge” Step up your game in developing others.
  • "Finding good people is hard” Get clarity on building strong teams.
  • "I’m so isolated as a leader” Connect with other leaders in transparent community.

High Performing LeaderS Mastermind groups are lead by a Connexus Professional Coach but the group consists of leaders “just like you”!

  • Groups are capped at 12
  • Meet two times monthly "online" for an hour each time
  • No travel or time away
  • Mastermind Groups are more economical

Monthly Mastermind Topics Include:

Month 1: Connecting with Like-minded Leaders -Introductions and Personality Imprint; Challenge #1
Month 2: Understanding Birkman Key Concepts and Your Strengths, Challenge #2
Month 3: Exploring Career Interests, Challenge #3
Month 4: Leveraging Leadership Behavior Components and Action Plan, Challenge #4
Month 5: Communicating With Others, Challenge #5
Month 6: Relating to People Socially, Challenge #6
Month 7: Responding to Structure and Change, Challenge #7
Month 8: Making Strategic Decisions, Challenge #8
Month 9: Creating Your Ideal Work Environment, Challenge #9
Month 10: Balancing Work and Life, Challenge #10
Month 11: Anticipating Leadership Issues, Challenge #11
Month 12:Exploring Leadership Growth and Journey:Life Plan Challenge 12


Once a group is filled it will be closed.

The next HPL Mastermind Group will launch in February 2020.

*Only $250 per month for a year

INCLUDED: All leaders will receive Birkman® ($495 Value) and
Personality Imprint™ ($79 Value) Assessments

Next Groups begin Feb 2020 Day of Week: 2nd-4th Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday (except Nov, Dec) Time: Between 3:00-5:00 pm EDT. 60 minutes twice a month
To apply for a seat in the next group, complete the form below. You will receive an application for consideration.*

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