Microscope or Telescope

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It’s not so much about your point of view as it is about understanding and leveraging your point of view. I would probably classify most people as either a microscope or a telescope. A microscope is someone that looks “into things that are” and a telescope is someone who looks “for things that could be”.

A microscope would be a person who likes details, analytics.  They need to hear everything and tend to be on the negative side. While a telescope is a person who looks for opportunities and outcomes. They tend to look at the positive. A microscope might look at things as a “realist” while a telescope looks at things as an “optimist”. There’s nothing wrong with either. As a matter of fact, we need both.

Scientists and researchers would really be at a loss if they only had one and not the other. You see, we need each other. But we do not need to become each other. Celebrate who you are. Look and work in your strengths. Understand where you are not strong, and where you need the strength of someone else.

Find a telescope or a microscope in your life. Ask them to help fill your gaps so you can become what you need to be and they can become what they need to be, so that as a team you really become a quality product. That’s the difference between a microscope and a telescope.