Preventing Professional Burnout – Part 2

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Consider the effects of burnout on our personal or professional life. When you lose motivation or see reduced creativity it affects you bottom line. In sales, you sell less. In production, you produce less. In service, your positive scores do down. In leading, others are hesitant to follow. In your relationships, it causes you to dis-connect from those who care about you most.

According to Statista :

  • 13% of adults have problems unwinding in the evenings
  • 38% of adults felt stress over their personal safety
  • Top way given by those responding to relieve burnout: Exercise

Deloitte’s survey on burnout reveled:

  • 83% of respondents say burnout from work can negatively impact their personal relationships.
  • Almost 50% of millennials have left a job due to burnout

1- Avoid comparison –Many times we put ourselves in the hot seat to perform at a level or in areas that are not our strengths. Just because someone else is more proficient in an area than you doesn’t mean that if the tables were turned they would be less proficient than you in other areas. 

2Beware of isolation –Everyone needs relationships and community. Having those around you that can speak into your life is invaluable. They can encourage you when you are struggling and can hold you accountable when you most need it. In community, you will also see that you are not the only one who feels overwhelmed. Iron sharpens iron and community will do the same for you.

3- Identify your “rhythm” –Every year there are times when we are more busy than others. Those who begin facing burnout are not there simply because they are “busy”, but because they are busy doing things that do not matter to them.  Are you they type of person that can work insanely hard, but only for short burst of time then you need a short break or change of scenery? Work that into your schedule. Occasionally you may need “alone” time by yourself or with a few key individuals. Make it happen. Identify the rhythm of work and life balance that keeps you motivated and fulfilled at the same time.

Acknowledge physical and psychological signs –I am not a medical doctor but many studies indicate that your physical and psychological health directly relate to you performance. When you continually ignore these signs it is like ignoring a “check engine light” in your vehicle. You may be fine for a while, but eventually it will produce severe trouble that could cause catastrophic issues. 

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