Personal Leadership Bundle

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75% off when you BUNDLE
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Personality Imprint™ – $79.00

They Journey: A Personal Life Plan™ – $19.99

Career Shaping™ – $19.99



3 Part Bundle

1- Personality Imprint™ Assessment & Behavior Profile

Great for:

  • Talent Selection
  • Team Development
  • Personal Career Development

2- The Journey: A Personal Life Plan™ (Guide & Template)

You will identify the BIG PICTURE and the BIG REASON for your life. It will guide you through the vision, purpose, setting of goals, and developing the action steps to make your plan come to life.

3- Career Shaping™ Guide and Template

For those:

  • Starting: Students and Young Professionals
  • Starting Over: Maturing (Mid-life) Professionals
  • Starting Again: Pre-retirement/Retirement

This Guide and Template will help you:

  • Identify your SHAPE:
    Skills, Hobbies, Ambitions, Passions, & Experience
  • Lay out an Action Plan that you will take to obtain your desired job.
  • To set Goals for professional growth.
  • Develop a timetable to help you reach your desired goals.
  • Give you a plan to overcome obstacles hindering you from reaching your objectives.