Personality Imprint™ Assessment


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Assess Career Competencies, DISC Personality, Learning Styles

Great for:

  • Talent Selection
  • Team Development
  • Personal Career Development


The Personality Imprint™ gives you the knowledge to understand which of the 4 basic personality types you possess … D (Dominant) – I (Inspiring) – S (Supportive) – C (Cautious). Do you feel that you have more than one type? That’s because you probably do. In fact, most people do have one PROMINENT personality type, and at least one SECONDARY type. Some have three types blended together.

This profile will also assess your strongest to weakest of the 9 Career Competencies. When you blend your Personality Type  together with your strongest Career Competency … you will begin to understand why you are so UNIQUE!

This blending of your personality and career competencies is what sets The Personality Imprint™ apart.

You can use this profile to develop a personal career path.  It can also be used for Talent Selection and Team Development.

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