Stress Fractures of a Leader

Have you ever noticed how different it is to be the leader? Not only do you have the responsibility for your actions, but also for those following you.

Followers have strong opinions about how the leader should lead. They critique your decisions and are quick to make public any misgivings you may have. When you work with a team like this, it causes added stress in your life as a leader. These things build up until they cause “stress fractures.

When stress fractures are not repaired, they often leave scars if left too long. Click To Tweet

Stress Fractures happen: 

1 – When you will not admit a mistake or seek counsel for a decision.

2 – When you try to live behind a wall, never letting anyone “inside”.

3 – When you worry more about what people think than what is best.

4 – When you feel a need to explain everything you do to people who are going to be negative.

5 – When you think the organization depends solely on you.

6 – When you feel under-appreciated and overwhelmed to the point that you can’t let things go.

7 – When the team you lead are always at odds with one another.

8 – When the problem gets so large it goes to bed with you at night.

Stress Fractures of a Leader Click To Tweet

9 – When you do not trust those around you enough to delegate responsibility to them.

10 – When you become a workaholic even to the detriment of your family and personal life.

What are some other things that you feel cause “stress fractures?” 

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