Great teams are a result of great leaders
Lead yourself well and you can lead others well
Dr. Rodney Agan


Team Imprint™ & 7 Step Culture-Shaping Business Plan™

Our Consultants can help guide you through through the culture shaping process to watch your team grow to another level.
Your organization will greatly benefit when your team begins the shift forward.


Tier 1
Team Imprint™

  • A 2.5 hr on-site workshop for all leaders and team members that you would like to assess and develop for your team.
  • Each team member will take a Personality Imprint™ assessment and their results will be combined with the results of other team members for a Team Imprint™.
  • The Operator has the option to receive real-time access to the database for the assessment results for their team.
  • Each member will learn more about their individual DISC Personality Type, Behavior Trait, and Learning Style, as well as how they add value to the overall team.
  • Identify “gaps” on the team and how to fill them.
  • Team exercises and involvement make it fun and exciting.


Tier 2
7 Step Culture-Shaping
Business Plan

  • Consultant will lead your team through our ” 7 Step Culture-Shaping Business Plan™”.
  • Must complete a Team Imprint™ before beginning this process.
  • Working directly with your team on the competencies, motivations, strengths, blinds spots, and stress triggers.
  • Each month personal and team action items will be addressed.
  • Team members will also complete The Journey:Personal Life Plan
  • You will gain clarity about the strengths of your team as well as the areas that need to be strengthened.
  • Virtual & On-site options available


Teams working with Purpose & Synergy

Shaping the culture of your organization begins with each member of your leadership team.
Our Consultants work directly with your team to bring maximum results.


What is a Team?

A team is a group of unique individuals that join their behaviors and personalities together for a unified purpose.


Behaviors & Personalities

Your behavior is WHAT you do.
Your personality is HOW you do it.

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