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*Know the strengths and
gaps on your team
*See your team in real time
*Tools for Talent Selection &
Team Placement

The Connexus Process














Imagine Your Company Led by a Dream Team

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Developing the Leader Inside You

We exist to provide culture-shaping services by bringing innovative thinking, clarity, and value to our unique clients.
  • We walk alongside your executive
    and leadership teams to identify the vision, clarity, and momentum for your organization.

  • What if your team worked seamlessly and each member fit in the right spot? Would you like to lead that kind of company? We can help

  • Invite Dr. Rodney Agan to speak at your next event. Topics like: How to Balance Life and Work or Secrets to Overcoming Frustration Gaps

“Leadership is not a title or position, rather it is a display of personal maturity that others want in their own lives.”

Dr. Rodney Agan



Some of our unique clients


Team Imprint™





Team Imprint™ Workshop

Personality Imprint™ for each team member
Identify and fill the "Gaps" on your team
Develop a cohesive team that collaborate
See a complete picture of your team

Interactive & Fun!

3 hours onsite
Exercises to build your team
Competencies, strengths, & blinds spots
For any size team

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7 Step Culture-Shaping Business Plan

Personal and Team Development
Shaping the Culture of your Organizational
Employee Retention & Productivity

On-site or by Phone/Video

Coaching Your Leadership Team through the 7 Step Culture-Shaping Business Plan.
Tailored for your organization!

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1,000's of Leaders
Over 12 Countries
Many States
Companies Changed
Teams Trained
1 Simple Process

Monthly Personal Coaching Sessions!

Results-oriented & Goals-driven
An opportunity to change your future!

Guidance | Support | Unified Vision | Clarity | Effective Culture and DNA

Executive Coaching








The Best Keep Getting Better

Are you stuck?
Are you plateaued?
Who is helping you?
How is your work/life balance?

Professional Assessments & Experience

We assess your competencies, motivational behaviors, and strengths
Identify "stress triggers"
Have you had a 360 Assessment?

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Focus, Clarity, Movement

Focus on who and what matters
Gain clarity about your passion
See consistent movement as you begin to lead yourself well

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