Executive Coaching

How Do The Best Keep Getting Better?

It’s pretty simple. Most of them have coaches and people in their corner who are skilled at helping them when they get stuck and start to plateau. They have discovered the power of inviting someone into their life who has the skills and resources to keep their stories moving forward.
Discovery Call with a Coach
Who is helping you?
Our calling is to come alongside leaders like yourself to help you strengthen your ability to lead yourself well so that you can become more effective at leading others.

It is worth the time and investment!

We have the experience and resources to coach you towards your full potential as a leader. This includes your professional life as well as your personal life. Our purpose is to help continually become more successful in all areas of your life. Although we are able to work with just about anyone, we specialize in working with influential leaders who desire to move to the next level.

Birkman Method

Connexus Group Executive Coaching Tool

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Birkman® Signature Report

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Birkman 360® Executive Performance Evaluation

Let us survey up to 25 people who are familiar with your leadership. We will assess you on 9 leadership competencies and then together identify where you need to be coached up. It takes courage to face the facts but how else are you going to get better?
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Team Development

Personality Imprint™ Assessment for Teams

Assesses your Career Competencies, DISC Personality and Learning Styles. As a result you will: Understand how you solve problems, identify what motivates you and know how you do your best work

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It all begins with a conversation
There are 3 phases to our coaching:
Examples of the Type of Coaching Sessions we may have: