Core Values

A GPS has all of the coordinates to help you reach your desired destination. When you begin to stray off course or take a wrong turn, it will immediately alert you of your error. It’s purpose is keep you from going in the wrong direction and if you to show you the way back. Just like a GPS to keep you on coarse, there are also guardrails along the way to prevent you from running off of the road and wrecking.

CORE VALUES is your internal GPS as well as the guardrails to keep you in your lane. Core Values are your core beliefs. You believe and trust them to help you make the right choices and decisions on your journey. The foundation to all you do or want to do will revolve around your CORE VALUES. These are the things you cannot compromise because to do so would violate who you are.

Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary helps us understand the meaning of “core” and “values”.Core– “a central and often foundational part, the most intimate part”.Values– “a strongly held belief about what is important, or acceptable”

Ask yourself questions like,
“What core beliefs or foundations…”:

1)do I believe that the world or humanity should uphold?

2)were passed to me from my parents, grandparents, mentors?

3)would I like to pass to my children, grandchildren, or the next generation?

4)do I want as “boundaries” or “guardrails” for my life?

What is the basis for your values? Below are some suggestions you might consider. You may have others as well. Identify the ones that stand out to you most. Narrow them down to a few, possibly 4-5, so they will mean something.