Your life needs either a Tweak, a Pivot, or a Makeover – Part 3

We have all been there in our life or career. You try making adjustments, doing “better”, or doing “more; but it is still not enough. You find yourself still feeling unfulfilled and frustrated. You can keep banging your head against the wall, and still not see change happen.

Previously, I discussed Tweaks that Bring Huge Results, and Pivots that Produce Power Payoffs.

When looking at your life or career, sometimes, a “tweak” will do. Other times you may need to make a turn or “pivot”. But there may be a time in your life or career that you realize you need a complete “makeover”.

To clarify:

  • Tweaksare simple adjustments that refocus on desired outcomes
  • Pivotsare strategic directional shifts that produce more effective outcomes
  • Complete Makeoversare significant turn-arounds that bring completely different outcomes

Sometimes we face a significant life change (See Stress Test link below) that we may or may not have caused ourselves. We could face things like: Health problems, financial crisis, relationship issues, job loss, career change, death of a someone close, victimized by a crime, etc. Often these changes place you in a situation where you have to start again or start over.

A makeover is not a simple “pivot” in a direction. Often it is a 180 degree turnaround or at least a 90 degree turn. Unfortunately, we often live in a state of denial when we really need a “makeover”. In our heart we know what is needed, but we keep convincing ourselves that it will get better next week, or month, or year. “Hopefully success is just around the corner”, we say. While you hope that is true, sometimes we have to face the truth head on. If you need more than a “tweak” or a “pivot”, you need a complete makeover.

It may be time for a MAKEOVER:

  1. When the course you are taking is leading toward an unwanted destination
  2. When your core values are being violated
  3. When your current course will never allow you to reach your CAPACITY
  4. When it’s time to face your FEAR head on
  5. When you are facing a significant life change

CAUTION:If you are not thinking clearly you can deceive yourself into making bad decisions. This often happens under these types of circumstance:

  • Severe stress
  • Depression
  • Mid-life crisis
  • Loss of self-worth
  • Emotional distress (guilt, anger, anxiety, etc.)

Download the “Stress Test – Life Change Index” and see how significant your score is at this point.

What to do?

  1. Face you fears head on and conquer them
  2. Recognize your value and self-worth
  3. Assess your strengths, opportunities, and current capacity
  4. Clarify your vision to know where to go from here
  5. Find a mentor or accountability partner
  6. Develop a plan that is simple but successful
  7. Re-invent yourself into the person you want to become

You might want to check out The Journey: Personal & Career Life Plan™ to guide you through the process.

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