Your life needs either a Tweak, a Pivot, or a Makeover – Part 2

In another post I talked about the fact that your life or career may need a “Tweak”.Tweaks are simple adjustments that refocus on desired outcomes.These are small but pack a big punch.

Now I want to talk about when you need a “pivot”, which is more than a “tweak”.

Pivots are strategic directional shifts that produce more effective outcomes.

If you are leading yourself well, you will hit ceilings that will require you to make adequate changes to bust through to another level. Just know this, to reach another level will require new skills and behaviors. On the other side, if you are not leading yourself well it will also require you to make necessary changes to get back on track.


It’s not a question of if you “are” changing, or if you “need” to change.  You are changing, and you need to change. The questions should be:

  • How fast am I changing?
  • How far should I change at this time?

So, to remind you, pivots are strategic directional shifts that produce more effective outcomes. To make a pivot you have to change behaviors and habits to focus toward a better outcome.

Consider these steps to make a pivot in your life or career:

P – Permission         The first person that has to be sold on making the change is yourself. Once you acknowledge that a
change needs to take place and that it is the right time, give yourself permission to move to another level.
Never allow doubts to speak to you more than the belief that it is the right decision.

I  – Initiate it             It’s not enough to know you need a change, you must take the first step to get it done. Identify the changes
you need to make and just “do it”. The longer you wait the easier it will be to talk yourself out of itand the
harder to talk yourself into it. There is safety in the multitude of counselors, but ultimately you have to
make the decision.

V – Visualize it        Can you see the great new outcomes you will enjoy by making this decision? Focus on the outcomes and
what this new level will look like. If the outcome is worth it, then the change is worth it. Once you define
how this change will positively affect you, begin to live like it. Be careful about second-guessing yourself
until you have given the changes time to work.

O – Own it                 When you make the right decision and step out, commit to it, own it. This is your change and it’s the
change that will help you grow. If you make a half-hearted decision you will change back at the first time of
pressure or conflict. You can’t expect everyone else to be as passionate about your changes as you are, but if
it is the right decision then you will be happy in the end.

T – Trust but verify   I saved this for last, but just know that all changes don’t work. One thing I do know though, doing
nothing will not work out well either. I would rather fail trying to grow as a leader than succeed at not
being one.

  • If the change is working, keep applying it.
  • If the change is working but just needs some “tweaks”, make them.
  • If after all of these, the change is not the right one or the right time, make the decisions to change again or stop it.
  • If you do stop it, make another one, because you know it is needed.

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