Your life needs either a Tweak, a Pivot, or a Makeover – Part 1

Work-life balance is a fallacy. You are not balanced at any point in your life, but you should be striving for it. You are constantly changing either by growing or shrinking, stopping or starting, getting up or falling down. As you make decisions, big or small, they are affecting your “balance”. You might want to check out The Priority Wheel where you can analyze your priorities in a visual way you can identify where to begin.

If you believe your life simply needs a ‘TWEAK”, you may actually be talking about just a simple change in one or more of your priorities. For the sake of this discussion, let’s define a at “tweak”:

“Tweaks” are simple adjustments that re-focus on desired outcomes

You might be thinking, “I’m just needing to make a small decision, it is not all that important.” I wouldn’t be so sure. Small decisions can affect big outcomes.

Example: An airplane leaves Atlanta, GA headed to Paris. The pilot enters the coordinates for the desired airport. What if he/she ascended into the clouds above the Atlantic Ocean only to find that the coordinates entered were only off by 2 numbers? Well, the destination would probably be hundreds off miles off course by the end of the trip. What should the pilot do? Make a small “tweak” to the coordinates which in turn will focus the plane on the desired course.

Sometimes your life or career is headed on a desired path, only to find out you are “slightly” off course. What do you do? Make immediate changes to re-focus toward your desired goal. It could simply be things like:

  • Retrain in an area where you have fallen behind
  • Make a simple change to a line item in your budget
  • Connect with a mentor to help identify where you have gotten off track
  • Re-align your life to your priorities
  • Change your daily/weekly routine
  • Read a book or listen to a podcast in an area where you need change or growth

So, you see a “tweak” can change you by the end of the day or week. It might be something that only requires a few minutes of your day or hours of your month but has massive change in your outcome.


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